Leverage our proven strategy to Make Vacancy Profitable!!

A 3% to 7% increase in incremental revenue gains can equate to over 100% increase in profits.

Source: Wikipedia

What makes us different

Proven Strategy

The CTEX GROUP implements strategies and solutions specific to the problems created by vacancy. Since 1996, these proprietary services have been successful in the hospitality industry. Our Private Capital Program allows Independent hotels to monetize their annual predictable vacancy to purchase furniture, fixtures and equipment. We will monetize your annual predictable vacancy, creating an unrestricted purchasing and debt repayment program, year after year; turning your vacancy into your greatest business asset - Making Vacancy Profitable™.

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CTEX Programs

Our one-of-a-kind programs are based on real hospitality science. We enable hoteliers to increase Cash flows, acquire goods and services, and maximize Occupancy and Profitability. We partner with independent hotel operators, FF&E suppliers and travel distributors in the hotel industry.

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Industry Validated

The CTEX GROUP provides solutions to the following problems caused by vacancy:
• We increase room yields
• We increase revenues
• We increase cash flow
• You keep the profit
We have perfected a proprietary methodology to monetize a hotels vacancy, fund purchasing and debt repayment. We remarket rooms that would otherwise be vacant and without value to non-competitive travel partners. Our methods are based on sound hospitality management science. A 3% to 7% increase in incremental revenue gains can equate to over 100% increase in profits. (Source: Wikipedia)

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The CTEX Approach

The key process developed by CTEX in 1996 works in two phases.

CTEX Private Capital - We monetize your annual predictable vacancy to create an annual revolving credit line to purchase furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) that you use to upgrade your hotel facilities, leveraging the sale of vacant rooms.

CTEX Travel Management - We undertake remarketing through non-competitive B2B distribution networks and pay down the revolving line, allowing ongoing purchasing year after year.

Why Partner With CTEX? - Vacancy Solutions!

AMERICAN HOTEL INDUSTRY -* $71 Billion annual predictable Vacancy

• 47,600 Properties

• 4.4 M Rooms

• $122 Billion in sales

• $62 Revenue per available room (revPar)

• 63.1% Average occupancy rate

Source: American Hotel and Lodging Association (Industry snapshot, results may vary)

* Excludes Hotel Association of Canada